Norton Ghost

Norton Ghost Version 15.0 Demo

Professional file recovery, backup, and copying software program by Norton

Norton Ghost has been considered for years to be one of the leading software programs for backing up computers and for recovering settings in single or multiple new computers or old ones.
If you ever had to salvage a crashed PC or even to reinstall a PC, you clearly realize what a nightmare it is to have to install dozens of your favorite software programs, reconfigure your browsers, bookmarks, and other settings you've adjusted during years of use. Norton Ghost enables you to freeze your PC's configuration in a selected point in time, and to recover that configuration whenever you want. It's very handy for computer technicians who need to duplicate one PC's configuration onto dozens, or hundreds, of other computers, without having to manually and separately install each and every program on each and every computer.
Backup your folders and files, but also your settings
There are excellent services today for backing up documents, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Norton Ghost joins these software programs, but provides users with a lot more. it enables users to backup their entire PC, as a single package, that can be restored (please give me back the version I've previously had before that virus attacked and nibbled on some files I can't even recognize). It includes recovery tools and tools that enable users to deal with damages caused by power shortages and hard drive malfunctions.
Norton Ghost enables users to backup information by uploading files to FTP servers or by burning files onto DVDs.
Set routine recovery points
Users can set routine recovery points, once a week for example, alongside real time files synchronization, which will enable them to always have the most relevant files close at hand, as well as the general PC settings, in versions created once a week.
Norton Ghost is a great backup and recovery software program, and as such, is recommended to anyone who values their PCs. Just stop for a second and think how you'd feel if someone walked into the room right now, and threw your computer through the window. If it's only costs you're worried about, you're in good condition. If your sky falls and you remember everything you had on your computer, and contemplate all the lost time it will take to purchase a new one and set it up according to your needs, now's the time to download Norton Ghost, and equip yourself with an umbrella for a rainy day.
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